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Fresh Start 🌱

Do you view January as a fresh start as so many do when celebrating the New Year?

It may or may not be the start of your company's fiscal year, but as we turn to a fresh calendar with a new year printed upon it, it's easy to use this time of year to welcome the new and discard the old.

Welcoming the New -

Now is the time to consider if you & your team have any new goals or business priorities of focus for 2024. You may be starting discussions for setting goals for the coming year with your team. You may have a new budget to plan.

At the same time, consider any processes that could use a shiny, fresh start. Maybe this could be a goal you set for your team - to take a fresh look at old processes for areas of improvement or streamlining.

If you are hoping to promote someone on the team this year, take a moment to map out your plan. Do you need to have them take on anything new? Are there key dates when senior leadership makes budget or promotion decisions?

🗑️ Discarding the Old -

Now is a great time to consider any responsibilities you are willing to "let go" - by delegating them to others on your team. Are there any meetings you no longer need to attend? Any repetitive tasks that could be done by someone else?

Is there anyone on the team who needs to get back on track lest they are shown the door? The start of the new year could be a great excuse to have that difficult conversation to put an end to old, unwanted behavior patterns. (Not sure how to have that difficult conversation? I can help!)

What are you welcoming or discarding to start 2024? 📩 Reply and let me know!

Word of the Year

Do you choose a "word" to guide your year instead of creating resolutions? 💡

For the last 3 years, I have jumped on the "word of the year" bandwagon. And this year, I chose 2 words... because, well, why not? 🤣

This year, I chose "Strong" and "Intentional".

Strong 💪 - because I am committed to being more physically fit this year. And because I need to be both mentally & emotionally fit for the changes happening in my career. My corporate role is ending, so I'll be 100% focused on my personal business in 2024.

Intentional 🧘 - because I need to be focused only on what is important for me, my family, & my business in 2024. No time for procrastination or busy-ness over productivity!

What is your word or focus for 2024? 📩 Reply and let me know!

Is your company interested in coaching for your front-line & middle managers?

Are YOU looking for individual leadership coaching?

Let's discuss how I can help to guide you & your company to success. My mission is to empower your leadership to positively impact employee engagement, retention and productivity.

No cookie-cutter leadership training will give you the ROI that coaching provides!

Reply and we'll set up a free strategy session to set you up for success in 2024! 📩

Difficult Conversations

Does the new year have you resolving to finally stop avoiding that difficult conversation you need to have with an employee? But not sure how to start?

I've successfully had many of these conversations and would love to help you do the same. Let me take the guesswork out of the steps in the process to turn this into a positive experience for both of you!

Contact me to discuss if coaching or a training session would best meet your needs! 📩

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