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EMPOWERED LEADERS - Burned Out or Bored Out?

Published 4 months ago • 2 min read

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"Bored Out"

You've heard of "burned out", but have you heard of "bored out", Reader?

Of 2,000 working U.S. adults surveyed in 2023, research by OnePoll found that 46% (almost half!) said they get bored at least 3 days of the workweek.

Similarly, Gartner surveyed 3,500 employees and found that only 31% said they were engaged, enthusiastic, & energized by their work. Gartner suggested that this means the other 69% are languishing, or not finding a meaningful connection to their jobs.

Does this describe you?

Does it describe your team? (If you think the answer is "no", think again!)

"Bored Out" can have a huge impact in the workplace: lower productivity, diminished quality of work, and higher turnover.

What can a leader do to avoid employees from becoming "bored out"?

This is where your 1:1 meetings can be so critical! SHRM suggests that leaders start asking these types of questions:

  • What excites you about your work?
  • What aspect of your job makes you feel exhausted?
  • What is one thing you would change about your role?
  • How much do you feel your work contributes to the company's goals?

My side note and warning to you, Reader -

If you haven't built true psychological safety with your team, you may not get honest answers to these questions. Trust and respect are crucial to getting real with your team.

Need help building psychological safety with your team? Reply to find out how I can help! 📩


Your employees are fully engaged with their work - motivated, efficient, and productive. They are collaborating easily with other teams and consistently achieving top-decile performance.

They respect and appreciate their leadership team - fully living the company's mission. They have a sense of belonging, so much so, that they are not even considering working for any other company.

Front-line managers are confident, with the ability to fully support their team and the company. They handle changes and issues with ease - leading from a place of empowerment and commitment.

Can you see it, Reader?

Why is this only in your imagination? What is missing to make this vision a reality?

Maybe you have a guess... Maybe you don't know...

Are you ready to take a step to making it a reality?

You can invest your staff development dollars in yet another cookie-cutter training program or motivational speaker. (What was the ROI from that last one?)

When doing what you've always done isn't producing the changes you desire, it's time to try an innovative, fresh approach.

Reply to set up a free strategy session - it's time to look into leadership coaching! 📩

Difficult Conversations

Does the new year have you resolving to finally stop avoiding that difficult conversation you need to have with an employee? But not sure how to start, Reader?

I've successfully had many of these conversations and would love to help you do the same. Let me take the guesswork out of the steps in the process to turn this into a positive experience for both of you!

Contact me to discuss if coaching or a training session would best meet your needs! 📩

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