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EMPOWERED LEADERS CHAT - It's hot here! How do you & your team "beat the heat"?

Published 10 months ago • 2 min read

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It's hot this time of year... but we make the most of it with backyard barbecues, finding bodies of water to cool down, or soaking up the air conditioning.

When times get "hot" at work, how do you help your team get through it?

If my team ever gets a vote, they prefer a gathering with food! We have had many team potlucks to keep us going through busy periods at work & for a good excuse to take a quick break to say "hi" to the others before hitting the grindstone some more.

At the start of team meetings, I remind everyone to take their own "temperature check", without judgement, to gauge where they are in that moment (hot, cold, indifferent... energy level, emotions... all of it!) This is part of our Emotional Intelligence discussions we have every year.

And occasionally, I send out a funny or a thoughtful reminder to them... via our Teams Channel... to remind them to take their personal breaks, to call up a friend for "no reason", and to remember that we are all human - not widgets.

I'd love to hear some of the ways you & your team connect or how you get through some of those rough times, Reader. Let's share the best ideas & tips we have - for everyone to benefit!

We are half-way through 2023 - how are you doing with goals?

As leaders, are you having check-ins with your team to see how they are individually doing against their goals? Is anyone struggling with creating a goal still? Try these prompts...

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Many leaders forget to set goals for themselves... is that you, Reader? Use the same prompts on yourself - what do you want to improve, learn, or accomplish... in both the short-term & the long-term?

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My Grandparents Lived to be 100 Years Old!

Wanna know their secret? Well, for one, they didn't work in Corporate America - LOL!

For those of us who do... we could all use a little support. Check out my upcoming Academy for newer leaders just like you, Reader!

Coming this Fall... apply NOW!

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Don't wait!

Because... after the 1st cohort year, new member prices will increase (while prices for founding members will stay the same.)

You don't have to do this alone...
you just have to take the 1st step!

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If you are a quote lover, you may enjoy this book "Great Quotes From Great Leaders" by Peggy Anderson, with the subtitle: "Words from the Leaders Who Shaped the World".

The book is broken into sections for each leader, making it easy to find quotes from your favorite! Leaders range from Mother Teresa to Walt Disney to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, among many other greats.

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Hi! I'm Stephanie, founder of the Empowered Leaders Academy.

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