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EMPOWERED LEADERS CHAT - Why Does No One Talk About This At Work?

Published 9 months ago • 2 min read

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So many leaders NEED soft skills... yet they avoid talking about them. WHY?

Is it insecurity? Or fear? Have they been told it isn't important? Or doesn't belong in the workplace?

One of the KEY soft skills - we all need, Reader - is Emotional Intelligence.

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Sadly, toxic culture comes with the territory when our leadership ignores important tools like EQ.

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You may have heard of the term "Emotional Intelligence", but do you know how to actually implement it? If not, let's get you started on your journey to figuring out what it means & how to learn the 1st piece... both for you & for your team!

Grab this free download - You can share it with your team and do it together, Reader!

Why do I do this? Why do I want to be YOUR leadership coach?

It wasn't something I ever thought I would do!

But after I was told that my position at my company had an end date - due to a coming change in the organization - I took it as an OPPORTUNITY to do some soul searching... to find out what I wanted to do, if I could do anything.

After conversations with my own coaches, they helped me to realize what I should have known all along (but couldn't see on my own)... that THIS is my passion - guiding & mentoring others!

Looking back, I could see the transformation I had made in my past & current teams. I realized that I wanted to help other leaders do the same!

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Do you want to make this type of IMPACT at your company, for your team? I know you can! You just have to want to, Reader! So, ask yourself: "Do You Want To?"

NOTE: this video clip - and the next one - are snippets from a Podcast I was on earlier this month. If you want to see the whole podcast (just under 1 hour), check out this edition of the Brands Talk podcast. Watch until near the end for the 3 tips I shared for corporate leaders!

A community where you can learn more about EQ + more

Emotional Intelligence is just 1 of the topics we will discuss in the Academy. Having a safe, supportive community of newer corporate leaders, just like you, is the perfect place to learn about EQ, ask your questions about EQ, and dig deeper into topics surrounding EQ for both you & your team.

It's almost here, Reader!

Coming this Fall... apply NOW!

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Don't wait!

Because... after the 1st cohort year, new member prices will increase (while prices for founding members will stay the same.)

You don't have to do this alone...
you just have to take the 1st step!

Love to Read?

"Emotional Intelligence 2.0" by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves is my favorite reference book for EQ. It breaks down the 4 key areas of EQ along with giving you strategies you can implement in each area: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, & Relationship Management.

This is a practical book that you can put to use right away, Reader!

Also - thank you for indulging my first ever GIF creation - LOL! I was laughing at myself when I realized that the orange lines on the book cover lined up with my t-shirt!

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Hi! I'm Stephanie, founder of the Empowered Leaders Academy.

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