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EMPOWERED LEADERS - Grateful For Each Of You - 🎁 PLUS Early Bird Holiday Offers Inside!

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NOVEMBER Finds Us Focusing on Well-Being & Gratitude

It is Stress Awareness Month

Indeed's 2023 US Well-Being Annual Report defined 4 key indicators to measure employee well-being: happiness, purpose, stress, & satisfaction.


Zippia reported that 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress, with 1 in 4 reporting that their job is their leading cause of stress.

I hope that's not you, Reader, but it could be someone you know.

As Empowered Leaders, your stress is only compounded by trying to take care of a stressed out team while being stressed yourself!

Take a moment for reflection and realization - a moment to realize where the greatest source of stress is in your life right now.

Then ask yourself:

  • Are you able to use this realization to make any changes that will lessen this stress?
  • Or to reframe the way you view the source of your stress to reduce its negative impacts on you?

Be honest with yourself... Where can you, or should you, let go (delegate? set boundaries? say 'no'? negotiate? ask for help?) of 2023 habits or tasks that cause you the most stress.

Happiness, Purpose, Satisfaction:

At the same time, take a moment to reflect on where you find happiness, purpose, or satisfaction in your life, Reader.

Are you allowing enough time in your life to experience joy? Without a counter-balance to stress, the weight feels heavier. It is easy (too easy) to focus on the negatives, to ruminate (at least for me) about those areas of stress.

BUT if we can spend more time on the positives in our lives ...

AND make time for those activities we enjoy, that reinvigorate us, that gives us a sense of purpose or satisfaction ...

THEN maybe, just maybe, we can tip the scales enough to outweigh the stress, and even find the strength to overcome that stress!

It's Also a Month About Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving celebrated in the USA in November, it is the perfect time to practice our Gratitude Attitude, Reader!

For some, it is a reminder to count your blessings, to take stock of everything for which you are grateful.

For others, the holiday itself adds stress (meal planning, shopping, cooking, hosting) or sad memories of those not with us... in a way that we forget the spirit of the holiday.

Try to carve out some time (no time like the present!) to stop for a minute... start writing (or saying out loud) even the smallest things that come to mind for which you are grateful. It helps to realize just how many things you do have for which to be grateful! (a roof over your head, clean water, air to breathe?)

As Empowered Leaders, I challenge you to express gratitude to your team, even your colleagues. Write more than a trite "thank you" in your next reply. Practice gratitude often... it gets easier when you do!

Personally, I am truly grateful to each of you!

Your support on my journey into the world of entrepreneurship has meant so much to me, Reader. It is what keeps me moving forward on my mission to Change the Face of Corporate Leadership.

I'd like to give you early bird access to my Holiday Offers!

Feel free to share this with other leaders you know who may be interested in working with me in the future. It's a great opportunity to invest in YOU and your Leadership development.

AND I'd love to work with you on your Empowered Leadership journey, Reader!!!

These discounts will end after December 2nd.

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