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EMPOWERED LEADERS - Leftovers & Giving Back

Published 3 months ago • 2 min read

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Are You Still Dealing With Leftovers, Reader?

We are getting creative with turkey leftovers in our kitchen... from turkey paninis for lunch to turkey pot pie for dinner. It is delicious, but after awhile you want anything but turkey. (just me?)

Having leftovers is a blessing of abundance in our lives... a blessing I wish for you, indeed. I hope that it finds your heart full of gratitude as it does in our home.

As the Thanksgiving holiday leaves us, we find ourselves looking ahead to a variety of festive holidays in December where we continue to count our blessings & move into the season of giving.

We find ourselves giving gifts to family, friends, and charities. There are so many ways to give back in gratitude for the blessings we find in our lives.

Do you have leftovers (excess) in other areas of your life, too?

For example, do you have a servant leader's heart, Reader? If so, I hope that you use this superpower to give back in other ways... like mentoring a newer leader or someone who is interested in moving into leadership.

Or maybe your team could use a break from the normal team meeting - instead - to discuss gratitude for what they've accomplished this year... or grace for any hardships they've been handling.

As a Leader, you can give back to yourself, too, Reader. When you are in the daily grind, you may forget to look back over the past year(s) to see what you have accomplished, how much you've grown & overcome. Or you may need to take this look back to see if you've gotten off track from your original goal and need to course correct. Give yourself the same grace or gratitude, as needed.

I Want To Give Back to You

Your support on my journey into the world of entrepreneurship has meant so much to me, Reader. It is what keeps me moving forward on my mission to Change the Face of Corporate Leadership.

This is my gift to you... With my superpower to guide you on your empowered leadership journey, I'm offering you discounts with my gratitude and appreciation for you. But don't wait... my Holiday Offers are good through this Saturday, December 2nd only.

Feel free to share this with other leaders you know who may be interested in working with me in the future. It's a great opportunity to invest in YOU and your Leadership development.

I'd love to work with you on your Empowered Leadership journey, Reader!!!

These discounts will end after December 2nd.

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