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EMPOWERED LEADERS - Reflecting & Letting Go

Published 6 months ago • 1 min read

Welcome Back, Empowered Leader.

I'm so glad you're here, Reader!

Reflection - Gratitude & Letting Go

2023 isn't over yet! Let's not rush the end of the year - time flies ⏱️🚀 fast enough already, Reader.

In the last newsletter, we discussed slowing down... so while your calendar is full of social events for the holidays, I hope that you find moments - however small - to stop, to breathe, to just be. 🧘

As we countdown to the beginning of 2024, let us take a moment to reflect 🪞 on 2023.

Reflect with gratitude on the good fortunes that smiled upon you. Recognize just how much you have grown over the year - your accomplishments, your learnings, your moments of self care.

At the same time, take notice of areas where you stalled or faltered. 😩 Are you able to acknowledge any sources or distractions that contributed to these moments?

Utilize these realizations to guide you moving into the new year... call it the "What I'm Leaving Behind in 2023" List!

  • Perhaps you are ready to reduce your doom scrolling to be more present in 2024?
  • Will you learn to "let go" by delegating or giving up more control in 2024?
  • Or you've decided to stop letting others impact your emotions in 2024?
  • Are you going to learn to say "no" and/or set boundaries in 2024?
  • Maybe you will find more time to unplug in 2024?

Whatever you decide to leave behind in 2023, it is for you alone to decide.

What am I leaving behind in 2023?

  • I'm letting go of "busy". I am ready to acknowledge & embrace that busy for me does not equal being productive!
  • I also want to stop spending so much time "in my head". My left brain is my superpower... and my nemesis! So I'm going to start building in dedicated time to exist in my other modalities.

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