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EMPOWERED LEADERS - Story Time: Impact of a Leader

Published 7 months ago • 3 min read

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Story Time - Impact of a Leader (the good & not so good)

I'm taking a different approach with today's newsletter... who's ready for a story?

Once upon a time, in a small 2-story corporate office, there existed a little team put together haphazardly to implement a system. They ended up becoming a permanent team, lacking leadership, but still getting the job done.

Then one day, a manager was brought in from a distant land to lead them. They were hesitant to open up to this new person and clung tightly to what they knew - their own set of tasks and processes.

Over time, the team began to open up to this new manager, even if they were a little wary of some of the changes she was implementing. She started earning their trust & respect.

They even started letting go of some of their past limiting beliefs and trying new things. The team expanded, bringing in people from other far-away lands. They learned to be mentors, to collaborate, and some even took on leadership roles. Things were going well in this small 2-story corporate office, at least for this team.

But then... the unthinkable happened!

News came that a dark storm was approaching that would break up this tight-knit group. It started slowly, with the storm causing a lot of fear and anxiety. Yet their manager held strong, leading with compassion and hope.

The first section of the group was torn away into the unknown. These "lost ones" tried to recreate their togetherness in a new land.

The remaining team held out hope for their own futures...

In time, another smaller fragment of the group was pulled away, also holding on together to keep some level of the "sameness" alive.

News came that the original "lost ones" had mixed encounters on their journey in their far-off land. Some were flourishing on their own, while others were struggling from the lost support and camaraderie that had once existed. Melancholy had reached pockets of their new land.

One by one the remaining members of the original team were pulled away in different directions, as had been foretold. It is said, "change is the only constant" and "time marches on"...

A season passed and the manager started hearing from some of those who once were part of the original tight-knit team. Some were seeking solace, while others were wanting to reminisce over the "good times".

For some, her heart broke for the misfortunes that had found them. For them, they sought her out once again for guidance and compassion. And while she was far away, they knew that she was still there for them.

Overall, though, she was bolstered by the insights many of them had held onto... the strengths they had taken away with them. She knew they could - and would - make it. Together, they had built an inner confidence and a fortitude that would not hinder them for long on their new, but separate paths.

Our career journeys find us encountering many different personalities, perspectives, and values in colleagues and leaders. (I'm not talking about DEI issues, in this case.)

While some encounters will be positive, it is inevitable that others will be less-than-positive experiences... and still some will be absolutely negative.

If ALL of our encounters were positive, would we truly grow into our fullest potential?

If ALL were negative, would we still be able to build our confidence and fortitude?

My MISSION is to change the face of corporate leadership - NOT because I want to eliminate the challenges we need in order to find our own inner strength - but to stop the absolute negative & toxic that still exists from ignorance & insecurity, from lack of support & training, from narcissism & greed.

...because that negative & toxic leadership is more pervasive than it should be...

I have encountered many leaders who would NEVER consider their leadership style to be toxic. They think that if they ignore issues, play nice, and keep a low profile that they aren't part of the problem... BUT THEY ARE!

Toxic leadership isn't only about people who shout or demand more than employees can give. It is also about those leaders who DON'T LEAD.

Let's face it - Leadership is HARD! And times are changing more & more quickly. After the pandemic, wellbeing has come to the forefront more than ever before. The next generation coming into the workforce grew up in a way different world than past generations.

Today's leaders can't follow the same tenants of the past, nor hide behind the poor practices of the past administration. We NEED better leaders - we need YOU!

Let me know if you enjoyed this version of the newsletter. I'd love to hear your feedback!

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