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EMPOWERED LEADERS - You're #1 in 2024... according to me & Gartner

Published about 2 months ago • 2 min read

Welcome Back, Empowered Leader,

I'm so glad you're here, Reader!

What is HR's #1 Priority in 2024?

Hint: it's YOU!

According to Gartner, "Leader & Manager Development" is the #1 priority for HR in 2024.

You know that makes my heart happy... since this is my mission, too!

Our front-line & middle managers in the world of corporate have struggled for too long.

Being promoted with little to no training in leadership,

stuck between staff needs and meeting the next corporate objective,

while taking on more & more responsibility...

It's no wonder Gartner states that for managers, "the job is no longer manageable."

They go on to say that "instead of investing in traditional manager development programs…"

the focus should be to:

  • "reset expectations,
  • rewire manager habits &
  • remove process hurdles."

I couldn't agree more.

This is why I became a leadership coach for frontline & middle corporate leaders ...for you!

I was once you...

I felt the struggles of my colleagues...

I watched as we burned out, quit, or imploded...

I had bosses who were feeling the same & didn't know what to do...

No more!

Now is the time for us to speak up, to ask for better (not more), to be heard.

We deserve it... and they know it.

📩 When you, or your organization, are ready to focus on leadership development,

I'm here and ready to guide you on that journey! 📩

🕰️ Mastering Time Management & Delegation

...for Busy Managers ⏳

Reader, have you ever said or thought...

"I hate Mondays!"

"There isn't enough time!"

"I can't let go of anything."

"It's just easier if I do it myself."

"I don't have time to train someone else."

"I'm drowning in emails and meetings."

"I have too much on my plate and never feel caught up."

🛑 Stop letting time control you.

✅ Start making time work for you.

I've created a 4-week email course, for you to:

  • Regain control of your time
  • Discover what is holding you back
  • Gain the confidence to own your time
  • Find a better work/life balance that works for you
  • Reduce your stress & overwhelm about time & delegation

The course is in beta testing now...

Join the WaitList to purchase the course in May.


📩 Let me know if you want to be a beta tester. 📩

(Trade your feedback on the course for a discounted price - open only to the 1st 5 people who reply.)

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Stephanie Weiss

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Hi! I'm Stephanie, founder of the Empowered Leaders Academy.

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